Understanding the G in ESG investing | ESG Conference | June 2021

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  • 44 mins 00 secs

Investors are concerned that companies demonstrate strong and ethical governance. In ESG investing, governance features as a critical indicator for risk management. Good corporate governance is served (or threatened) by several inter-related functions (board composition, independence & renewal, executive compensation, equality, transparency, hiring & tendering policies, legal compliance safeguards, and proper disclosure of political contributions). Increasingly, board diversity (or lack thereof) is understood by investors to have material impacts on company performance.

On the panel:

  • Angelique Kalam, Manager, Sustainable Investment Practices, Futuregrowth Asset Management
  • Robert Lewenson, Head of ESG Engagement, Old Mutual Investment Group
  • Jonathan de Pasquallie, ESG Analyst, Sanlam
  • Mohamed Mayet, Co-founder, CEO and Portfolio Manager, Sentio Capital
  • Joanne Baynham, Presenter, Asset TV


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