Boutiques Connect Update | COVID-19: causing stocks to fall out of fashion?

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Markets remain incredibly volatile, and, with fresh concerns of a second wave and subsequent lockdowns, some stocks appear to be falling out of favour. But, which are these, and how should you react? Joanne Baynham is joined by a panel of experts in this discussion to get their insight:

  • Gareth Stobie, Managing Director, CoreShares
  • Murray Winckler, CEO, Laurium Capital
  • Mohamed Mayet, CEO, Sentio Capital Management


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1nvest is a specialist index asset manager backed by the largest financial services group in Africa – Standard Bank, STANLIB and Liberty. Our comprehensive index product range includes Unit Trusts (UTs) and Exchange-traded Funds (ETFs) across a broad spectrum of asset classes and strategies – these enable us to cater to our clients’ unique investment needs. We’re not conventional fund managers who confuse clients with unnecessary financial jargon. Transparency is everything at 1nvest. That means no obscure terms and conditions or hidden fees.

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Kagiso Asset Management

We are a specialist asset management firm managing funds across the risk spectrum for sophisticated investors. Drawing on our extensive experience and harnessing our diverse skills, we aim to consistently deliver superior investment performance. We think deeply and independently, pursuing excellence for our clients.

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Matrix Fund Managers

Matrix Fund Managers is an owner-managed, diversified asset manager. We take an agile approach to active investing that benefits from our independent thinking and unconstrained style. Our core purpose is to deliver consistent return and high-quality service for our institutional and retail clients. We are a Level 2 B-BBEE Contributor in terms of the Financial Sector Charter. We are committed to making a positive impact through ongoing transformation in our management, employment, procurement, and socio-economic development practices.

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Sentio Capital

Sentio is an investment technology company that integrates bottom-up fundamental research with in-depth quantitative risk management. Their disciplined and detailed investment process is underpinned by a scientific valuation methodology and combines human knowledge and experience with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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Flagship Asset Management

Established in 2001 and 100% owned by staff and directors, Flagship is a multi-award winning, global specialist asset manager. We specialise in global equity and global flexible funds. Our mission is to be the navigators and global authority of your complete investment future, wherever it may lead.

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