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1. To consider behavioural finance as an investment consideration - Insight into behavioural finance and how it effects investment decisions (45 mins)
2. To consider options for investment portfolio recommendations - Comparison or collectives vs models vs DFM options for investment portfolios (45 mins)
3. To consider BPR as an estate planning option along with underlying investment options - Revision of BPR plans and a reviewof investment options from ingenious (45 mins)
4.To learn about the structure and use of investment trusts - Study of the technical and planning aspects of investment trusts (45 mins)
5. To revise the product, options and uses of income protection - Revision of income protections plans and also a review of the options and benefits of long and short term cover, and other options from provider (45 mins)
6. To consider hybrid annuity and drawdown plans as part of a retirment income solution - Study of structure and practical applications of hybrid annuity and drawdown plans (45 mins)

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0000 - 04:30
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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 - 09:00
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