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1. To consider succession planning with pension funds - Review of uses, benefits and drawbacks of nominations and bypass trusts (45 mins)
2. To consider taxation when using discretionary trusts - Review of the taxation of discretionary trusts (60 Mins)
3. To consider where different forms of investment provider may be used in the planning process - Review of different options available to advisers and how Charles Stanley can assist. (45 mins)
4. To consider blending of SEI, GSAM, Vanguard multi asset funds - Review of the results of blending analysis carried out by GSAM on behalf of LJFP (45 mins)
5. To consider the Bordier as part of our overall offering - Review of Bordier services and management process (45 mins)
6. To consider the new Vitality investment offering with health benefits - Review of the product available and how clients benefit from participating in the healthy living scheme. (45 mins)

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0000 - 04:45
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Wednesday, November 21, 2018 - 09:00
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